Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Want Good Meeting Attendance – Feed People and Give Them Something to Do – Part 2

Another way to make sure that people continue to attend your meeting is giving them something tangible to do. Believe it or not when most people are asked to do something they feel a responsibility to do it. So it is important when someone volunteers an idea that the Chairperson at the Coalition meeting says, “That’s a great idea, can you make that happen? How will you make it happen and by when?” Most people come to Coalition meetings because they want to actively participate and get something done. And tangible projects and work will make people feel like the Coalition meeting is more than just a meeting.

After every meeting there should be action items that Committee members are responsible for. If there are no action items then you have a problem. In addition, it helps to space meetings out so that they are not too often or too few. Timing is everything. Our Coalition Committees meet approximately six times a year. Sometimes if there is an event or project it may be necessary to meet more often. But do not meet more often than necessary.

Sometimes attendance at meetings is arbitrary but in general there are some variables we can control that will positively effect whether or not somebody comes back to another Coalition meeting and most times these variables are very simple.

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